About Us

"Find Happiness in Brewing"

Felicita company was established in 2015. In order to brew perfect coffee, we believe that extraction quality and extraction time is essential. Making every drop of great and intense coffee is like an art of your own creation. Based on the persistence of these concepts and original design, most importantly, with the love of coffee, our team designed and produced 3 different coffee electronic scales according to different needs. In continuous improvement and innovation, these three scales are finally launched on the market. They are Arc, Incline, Parallel.
We simplify the instruments of coffee making and make an ease of use comforting to all the senses. To make the daily life richer and more comfortable. Find out how to prepare your favorite pour over coffee in the comfort of your home.
With the progress of product development, we have also launched our Square Kettle and Parallel Plus in 2018.
Felicita Team have attended several exhibitions around the world since 2017, which included Boston speciality coffee EXPO 2019, Tokyo SCAJ world specialty coffee conference and exhibition 2018, WORLD OF COFFEE 2019 at Berlin etc to show the world our proud products. More exhibitions will be announced.
Felicita means happiness in Italian. Just like our love of coffee, the process of brewing a perfect cup of coffee is a moment of happiness. We hope that our products can bring happiness to our customers and let them enjoy the process of brewing coffee.